Monthly Archives: May 2016


You have to do a lot of the being single shit while you have time!!!

-married friend’s advice

It’s like a sudden ping in my head that went.. Yes.

Got excited suddenly. And then i knew again that i’m okay.



Don’t deny yourself what you’re feeling, let it go. You are not meant to be alone, you won’t be alone, you just have a painful lesson to learn and are meant to figure it out.


I don’t feel skilled enough to be an artist. I don’t have patience enough to be a musician. Both of those i would have liked to be if i can.

I am not organized enough to be a writer. But starting this blog is organizing me. I feel a little giddy. 🙂

What it is

What happened hurt, but i want to be okay now. I want to move on from it.

There is nothing wrong with still wishing him well. Nothing wrong from having this bit of hope that one day we’ll be okay although it’s most likely we won’t meet again anymore. Ever. There’s nothing wrong with missing him from time to time and remembering the hurt and ocassionally being angry with him again for what happened. There is nothing wrong with not feeling like i could like anyone the way i liked him.

But all things.. all these too shall pass.

Nothing lasts. There is nothing wrong with that.