Monthly Archives: September 2016

My anxious heart

I think a huge part of the anxiety is wanting to be rooted somewhere.. of wanting to belong. And knowing that you shouldn’t be.. you are flowing, you belong everywhere and nowhere at all. It’s this kind of constricting freedom that displaces you. You want things to work out.. you want them to stay a certain way. You are craving for immortality. And it’s not gonna happen.

Anxiety is worrying about possibilities.. and wanting to control even the things that aren’t. You are better off without it. Let it go. Just let everything go.


(Do not) Expect

It is never right to expect people to make life easier for you.

You create your life. You create your own happiness. Always.


Sometimes its really hard when you’ve got an all or nothing persona. You hide it all or you say it all, and usually it would end up hurting people you love without you ever meaning to.

The truth hurts a lot so you try to pacify it with silence. But it comes out, always, eventually. And people have to be strong for it. They have to want you enough in their lives to still take you in after it.

The truth is a monster. It’s a monster you don’t defeat, it usually damages you. And then you have to live through it after.

There’s the hope though. That you’ll be strong to take any truths without budging. Because you can take it.

I wish that for you and me.

That I’m causing little ripples in other people’s lives through loving and caring for them i feel important. Thanks life! Now that’s a good way to start a morning.