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Changing, places

I posted last time about this show I was watching.. how it was doomed and all because one of the main characters was already a ghost. Imagine my silent shame as the story unfolded and I found out it wasn’t doomed after all, and that the character was living and they do end up together. I ate up my words then, a reminder how I do so a lot of times when I decide for what’s supposed to be the final time and then go back.. when I realize it wasn’t what I really wanted.

I read an article that changing your mind is not a sin.. it helps you grow, learn about yourself and what you would stand for in the end. Maybe because you’ve gotta have a final stand no matter, right? No matter how many times you change your mind, in the end you will end up with the one choice that suits you best. You just gotta raise your hopes to the universe that it’s the choice best fitted to everyone else involved too but isn’t everything?

Isn’t everything in it’s right place?